Our education and training programs are among the best available in the industry. All of our programs are industry specific and will enable your employees to deliver superior service to your valued customers. We also develop custom programs that address the unique needs of individual companies.

Our complete catalog of courses includes a number of our "best sellers", including:

  • Technical Training for Non-Technical People

    This program provides your customer service reps., salespeople, and other office personnel with a basic understanding of our industry and enables them to confidently speak with customers regarding home heating and cooling issues.
  • Beyond Customer Service

    Your customers expect much more from you today than ever before. This session enables your employees to understand that their future in your business depends on their delivery of superior customer service, no matter which department they work in. Everyone who sees or speaks to a customer – service techs, drivers, office staff – will benefit from this seminar.
  • Stack the Deck

    Designed for company management, this program lays the groundwork for standardizing responses to 99% of your customer interactions and ensures that ALL of your customers receive outstanding service.
  • Credit and Collections

    Customer receivables keep your business afloat, but they can often present issues and difficulties. This session lays out strategies and techniques that will enable you to continue serving customers without hurting your cash flow while making sure that you are sensitive to consumer collection law.

We also deliver NORA Service Technician certifications and CEU classes, incliuding:

Silver Certifications
Gold Certifications
Tank Certifications

If you would like to improve the level of service your employees provide, contact us today. We will be glad to develop programs that will address your specific needs.

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