Selling or Buying?

We believe that the only "good deal" is one where both parties are happy and believe that they have been treated fairly.

Our team has been involved in hundreds of Oilheat and propane business sales and we are available to help both buyers and sellers of companies.

Our extensive involvement with companies of all sizes enables us to be uniquely qualified to streamline the merger and acquisition process. We have an excellent track record of performing thorough, confidential evaluations of the various alternatives available to those owners considering the sale of their business. We put a value on the business, research the market, and find the perfect match between those wishing to sell and those looking to buy.

Selling your business?

Selling a business, especially a family business, can be a very emotional and stressful experience. At Oilheat Associates, Inc., we understand how difficult these transactions can be and we are able to simplify the process and reduce the stress on the seller.

Our extensive network of contacts in the industry enables us to stay up to date regarding potential buyers in each market so we don't waste time and effort by contacting uninterested or unqualified buyers.

To maintain maximum confidentiality, we initially contact potential buyers without disclosing names or specifics regarding what is for sale. Once we have genuine interest, we obtain the seller's approval to speak with that potential buyer. After approval by the seller, we get signed confidentiality agreements from the potential buyer and we begin the exchange of important information regarding the business for sale.

We typically handle all of the negotiations for the seller and use our intimate knowledge of the industry to present your business in the best possible way. We work very hard to insure that our clients receive a fair price and that all of their concerns regarding customers, employees, and other issues are all addressed. WE KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO BE DISCREET UNTIL THE SALE IS ACTUALLY MADE!

If you're thinking about selling your fuel oil or propane business, or if you're just curious about what your business is worth, give us a call. We'll be glad to help!

Buying a business?

We also assist companies who are interested in buying a business to help their own company grow and expand.

In many situations, owners who are ready to sell their businesses are reluctant to speak directly with local potential buyers. They have deep concerns that the word will spread of their intentions before they are ready to address the situation with customers and employees. We are able to reduce this anxiety because sellers are often more comfortable speaking with a third party that is intimately involved in the industry rather than speaking directly to a local competitor.

We seek out potential sellers for our clients by reaching out to companies in specific geographic regions while maintaining the confidentiality of both the buyers and the sellers.

Many times we are called in by potential buyers to help them value the business they are considering buying. Our strong team knows the market and can help you pay a fair price for that business. We also are available to assist buyers on the due diligence process once an offer has been made and accepted by the seller.

If you need any assistance in either selling your business or buying a new business, we can help speed up the process and reduce the stress involved in the transaction. Call us today!