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Best Practices Group

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Since BPG is made up of companies that do not compete with one another, membership is limited. If you’re interested in joining BPG and benefitting from exclusive Oilheat and Propane industry consultation, please contact us at (516) 679-4686 to discuss the availability of a membership for a company in your geographical area. For your convenience, you can also email us about membership by clicking the button below.

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Our Philosophy

With over 200 years of combined experience in the industry, we will put the tools you need to excel at your fingertips. Below are a few examples of how our intimate knowledge of our industry will strengthen your business and what our consulting will help you achieve.

What we do

BPG members share their business experiences and collaborate with each other to successfully overcome the issues facing our industry today. Over the years, oil and propane companies have become increasingly more complex to operate as the energy industry has diversified and evolved. Running your company efficiently and profitably is more of a challenge today then ever, which is why the BPG offers an outlet for our members to work together to share both successes and failures and ultimately achieve superior results.

One of the benefits of belonging to the BPG is that you are able to compare your company's efficiency and profitability measures to those of your fellow members. At a typical BPG meeting, member companies discuss a variety of prearranged topics as well as timely issues brought to the group by the members or facilitators. Over the past five years, the BPG has covered a wide variety of important issues affecting key challenges facing our industry.

Before each meeting is scheduled, members and facilitators suggest topics of interest to the group and an agenda is established. Additional topics are added during each gathering, and meetings are tailored to the topics that are most important to participating members.


FireDrill Contigency Planning Drill

Be prepared for the future of your business with BPG's contingency planning service. FireDrill is a unique product for companies in the energy industry to plan ahead for how business operations will continue smoothly and efficiently should you not be able to continue in your leadership role. Having a plan in place to keep the business you've worked hard to establish operating without a hitch is simple with the help of BPG.

Working with BPG to develop a proactive FireDrill plan will allow you to arrange for the unexpected by establishing roles and responsibilities for all aspects of the continuing success of your business. Determine who, what, when, where, why, and how as it relates to your business moving forward and the preparedness of your staff.